First. OH MY GOD!!! HOW SLEEPY WAS I!!! Second….


Second. The answer to the aforementioned question. I was so sleepy that I remember falling asleep twice while typing the post. I would suddenly wake with a start when my head was half way to the keyboard. And there were MANY times when the letters blurred. I feel so happy that I did this. Now I have it on record.

Third. The correction — I am so sleepy. I am not going to correct my spellings. I didnt sleep tonight. I was up for Sehri. I went to the shop for something to eat. When I was coming back I was very very sleepy. I was on foot. I was walking very very slowly. Very very slowly. And I was so sleepy that I didnt want anything to disturb me. I walked slowly and I kept my eyes closed. I would walk slowly and then open one eye and then see the way and walk some more. So I dont fall over something. I walked very slowly and came home. It reminded me of my college days when I used to do this at times. And now I have no idea why I am writing this on my blog. Maybe just to see what I was like right now. As a snapshot into my mind. Ill correct this post in the morning.


Fifth. It did remind me of my University. At times I used to be so sleepy. That when I was walking I used to walk VERY slowly. And then I used to look with one eye and see if the road was clear. Then I used to walk with my eyes closed. Wow. Such wonderful carefree days gone by. Now I have to deal with work and my family. The former is going fine. The latter is a disaster.

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