Computer game marathon week in college

I agree that I have been hooked to computer games in the past. I have been ok. BACK OFF! It is not as disgusting a habit as something like morning sneezing or rose smellling.

Well there is a story about my college days. It was a break for one week. So I decided to get a new game. A new computer game. Like I said BACK OFF! Dont judge me. And well I proceeded to do two things.

One complete isolation. Two me and the game(one of those LONG strategy games).

Lets just say that I played a LOT. I used to get up about 0700 everyday. Then I used to check my email and send replies. This will get interesting soon. I promise. OK. Then I used to go for breakfast. Where I used to eat a LOT. Since I didnt eat any other meal all day I had to eat a lot. Sometimes I surprised myself.

After the breakfast I used to buy a packet of biscuits and 1/2 litre pack of milk. Hating the fact that I had to waste so much time I used to rush back. I used to lock my room. I used to sit on the computer and I used to start my computer by about 0830.


Well I used to stop playing at about the time of Isha (Muslim call to prayer at night). Which is about dinner time the world over. So I used to put on an episode of startrek the next generation (lovingly called TNG) and finish the biscuits dipped in milk. That was dinner. As soon as the episode was over. I used to put the game back on.

I know. It is VERY VERY obsessive but come on it is a computer game. You put it on. Next time you notice that that isnt real life it is already 3-4 hours from that time. Suddenly you remember something and you say. OH!!!. You go back in and BAM! it is night time.

Well it was the game till about 0200-0300. Then I used to fall asleep and dream about the game all night. Then I used to wake up by the alarm at about 0700 ;).

Well all in all. I didnt do anything AT ALL during that 7 day period. Just me and the game.

I didnt take a bath. And I stank as hell. But who gives a damn when you are alone and dont want to waste time.

Yes I know what you are thinking. Why didnt anyone stop me? Well they tried. Many people tried to pull me back from heaven and for me to take part in strange social rituals called meeting people and talking to them. Well I couldnt do that. So I kept my distance.

It was one of the best weeks of my life.

Now dont get me wrong. I will always prefer the week with ‘the’ guy in Paris. If I ever had one.

OK will go on. Run off to your blogs now. I dont want to hog all of your time here.

Go on.




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