Now there is such a thing as dreams and there is s…

Now there is such a thing as dreams and there is such a thing as STRANGE dreams.

There is such a thing as waking up normally and there is such a thing as NOT waking up normally.

I dremt that I was a unicorn. Yes a UNICORN. And that I lived in Ancient Rome. I know I know. VERY VERY sttrange. Prime Time material. And that there used to be a group of Sabre tooth Tigers who used to kill unicorns. So I used to go to a town ask the people for help who always said no. And everytime I used to see the town differently constructed with different roads.

Then I saw that one day my beautiful horn gets stuck in the electricity wires overhead. Yes I know Ancient Rome and electricity dont go together. But it was a dream. You cannot blame a man for the content of his dreams. Well I kep trying to remove them but it didnt work. Then there was some commotion everyone ran away and a pack of Sabre tooth Tigers came along.

OK now this IS abnormal but rather than walking or running they were jumping like kangaroos. But MAN were they fast. I got my horn disentangled when they were a stones thrrow from me. Then I started running away. I was horrified. But what do I see. I succession of steps. A GIANT stop staircase. And I trip on the stairs. I try to run but I keep tripping on each and every step. And the roaring Tigers got closer and closer.

This was one of those extremely vivid and real dreams. I mean I thought it was real when I was there. It seemed very real and I didnt even get a hint that I am dreaming. But the moment I started falling on every step of the stairs. I must have chuckled in real life. I knew it was a dream. I always fall down so much on stairs and staircases when I dream.

Suddenly I woke up with a start and said. Thats better. Back to reality. And I started laughing. Then I look at the door of my room. And there are the Tigers. And I am like WHAT THE … And then I wake up for real.

Now that is what I call a ride.

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