Well the match was fun. Any sporting event with ab…

Well the match was fun. Any sporting event with about 25 men in the age of 18-25 is sure to have a LOT of eye candy. Same was the case last night. Swoon! This next sentence might make me seem too much of a slut so those people who respect me should just over to the next paragraph. One of the guys that I was VERY interesting in wasnt wearing any underwear. :). Yes! I can tell the difference.

When we were returning from the match at about 0500 in the morning. The city was all quiet and empty. All the roads were empty but most of the people on the roads in the cars and motorcycles were guys returning from Cricket matches. Just like us. The month of Ramazan sees a lot of night Cricket and all the players try to get to thier homes by Sehri. Hence the interestingly heavy presnce of Cricket players on Karachi roads.

At night Karachi is the queen of the cities. Its lights and glitter and glow has earned it the appropriate title of ‘Uroos ul Bilaad’ (The Bride of Cities). Lovely Lovely Karachi. The heart of Pakistan. The brain of Pakistan. The shoulders of Pakistan. I love this city too much. It is a complete picture of the whole concept of Pakistan and what we are. What we are in every small aspect. It is a cross section of Pakistani society and culture.

It is the only part of Pakistan that can be called urban. It is the centre of Pakistani Culture. And looking at the manners, the dress, the food and all of those small and large variables. It is one of the last bastions of the Mughal Civilization.

I love Karachi!


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