Oh and yes an interesting thing happened today. My…

Oh and yes an interesting thing happened today. My friends decided to play a prank on me. They suddely pointed to a fleeing black Corolla and said. Jalal. That is your car someone in running away in it.

I have NO idea what got into me. I started running. There was a BAD turning so I thought I can get them there. No I am not 007 and I am also NOT an idiot. When I started running I thought that I should make sure I can grab onto the windshield when I jump onto the car. Yes! all of you … I actually thought that. I am such an idiot.

All of a sudden I stopped running. I remembered. I didnt come in my car to the restaurant. Then I remembered. I dont own a Toyota Corolla. And then I realized. My car is not black.

I looked around. All my friends quite far away from me. They were not laughing. They were SHOCKED. So was I. We didnt talk about that. They didnt make fun of me for BEING an idiot. I didnt tell them that IT IS NOT FUNNY. Because I am an idiot and they are not funny.

This serioulsy raises old doubts in my mind again. Am I human ?


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