I had a long chat with one of my best friends from…

I had a long chat with one of my best friends from college. We did what we always do. During and after college. Blamed each other for dumping each other for better friends (no no … he is the normal one!) We actually never did dump each other as friends. It is just something that we do when we are with each other. We are used to it so it is natural and normal for us to do it (maybe you are right … neither of us is normal) It is was wonderful talking to A.I. He is a wonderful wonderful person.

And my two best friends from college. A.I and S.M. know about this blog but dont read it. I wonder why? Maybe they are not easy with my greater linguistic and intellectual skills. Well we will never know.

Listened to a wonderful composition by Ravi Shanker. It was titled ‘Discovery of India’. One of the most beautiful works of Ravi Shanker that I heard. The classical Indian instruments. The classical rhythms, beats and flourishes. Actually made you feel as if you are travelling on the oldest Indian Railways. The Jamuna river infront. The Taj Mahal rising from the reeds growing along the river. The towering white marbled minars. Hmmm. I seem to be getting carried away. Onwards!

Why do I love Pierre Auguste Renoir? Oh yes! I remember ‘Portrait de Romaine Lacaux’; ‘Danseuse’; ‘Les Grands Boulevards’; ‘Place Clichy’. Anyone who has any interest in art whatsoever. Please, I beseech you, watch these. At least online. It will show you so much beauty and such a beautiful array of colours that you have to WILL thank me. And even if you dont want to. You still have to.

Now comes my daily rant about Pakistan and Pakistanis (Karachi and Karachiites in particular).

I noticed a guy trying to cross the road UNDER a foot bridge. What the hell is it doing there? It is BUILT for you. It is built with your tax rupees. USE IT! MORON!

When will the Government of Karachi start to build those roads that it got those Rs 29 billion for? I mean come on Rs 29 Billion is a LOT. And those stupid measly patches of roads that they have built are an insult to all educated and politically aware Karachiites. Oh but there arent any of those. So it isnt insulting is it ? Hmmm. I think I should quiet down.


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