Not that I am being Paranoid. I think I AM growing…

Not that I am being Paranoid. I think I AM growing up. Today I had a normal fight with ammi(mom). It was about the correct pronunciation of an Urdu word. We kept at it for about 20 minutes where we both tried to degrade each others education and knowledge of proper Urdu. Then we checked it up in a Lughat(Dictionary) and turns out. We are both wrong. We avoided each other for about 4 hours after that. Then we sat down and laughed for half an hour. Then we went for dinner. AA WOO HOO !!! I am growing up.

My college friends were going for dinner today. Yeah I know again. And I couldnt go. I was busy this time. This seems to imply that my life has reached a stage where I might be busy with important things when my friends go out an PAH-TAY. Hmmmmm. I AM GROWING UP !!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Then suddenly … OOO A TOY SOLDIER!!! Hmmm. Maybe I am not growing up.

Wow the confusion filled life at 23.

I watched a horror movie with my sisters today. Well I never watch such stuff. They do. Yeah. It is them. Not me. I am the normal one. Remember??? Well I digress. It was in Japanese and it was actually pretty scary. My sisters shrieked a LOT. And contrary to what people will say later on. I DID NOT SHREK!!! IT WAS MY SISTER!!! IT WASNT ME !!! OK!!! Just in case you would like to watch it … its name means The Grudge in English. I forgot the Japanese original name.

Talking about horror. I think ill post about my most horrifying nightmare. After this one that is.

Also I had to go eat out on what can only be called 13 minutes notice. The mens room there was out of order. So I had to go to the ladies room. Yes. I went to the ladies room. NO! I AM NOT a pervert OK! And while I was there I had to make sure noone saw me there. Going in is easy. You see empty, you run in! Now coming out is the tricky part (pun unintended). You have to make SURE that there is noone in there. Otherwise a LOT of embarrasment. So I had to wait for silence. When I found that I rushed out and cleaned my hands. Someone walked in. A tiny little voice in my upper cranium said oh oh busted. Then I looked up. It was a guy. We were both embarassed. We were both going to act as if it is the mens room when we BOTH know the truth completely. Well we nodded. I ran out. He ran in. NOONE NEEDS TO JUDGE US !!!

Listened to this wonderful piece of music today. A few ghazals by Gulshan Ara Syed. She has a very classical voice. The slightly croaking voice that gave a hint of recently drunk vinegar. The kind of voice that you expect from 1910s and 1920s women singers. But I have to admit she has a wonderful mastery over her voice and the sound of it. So anyone interested in this genre of music should listen to her.

We were waiting at a red light. When I heard an ambulance come up from behind in the lane to our right. It was second in line after a Wagon. I saw the man sitting with the Wagon driver tap him on his hand. Then I saw the Wagon driver actually move his Wagon so the ambulance can go by. Well it was a heartwarming sight. Finally a civil sense at work. If only we all laud this and learn from this and this thing grows slowly and with time. All I can say is that.

Karachi Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad!


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