Most Horrifying Nightmare

I remember a dream in college. I used to have a recurring nightmare that I am sleeping on my bed. My room is closed. And I hear someone typing on the keyboard. I get up to peep over. And I dont see anyone but the keys are being typed themselves. Then I always woke up feeling uneasy in that very room. Once when I woke up from the dream I was like. OK. I am back!

But then I heard the typing. I had just gotten up from that very nightmare. I had a sudden and SEVERE sinking feeling. What is it. Maybe it is someone else in the room. Then I remembered I locked my door. Well maybe I am hearing things. Well it wasnt working. I was scared as hell. I could not calm myself.

In was completely terrified. Then I decided to check who it was that was typing. I peeped from under the blankets. There was noone there. The same thing that I used to see the dream there. I dont know if you have ever felt it but I felt that thing that they show in the movies. Where things just ZOOM IN! I was SHOCKED and SCARED!

I was too scared to scream. To shocked to think. To dumbed to even try to calm myself. Suddenly it happened.

I suddered in my sleep. And I woke up for real. Yes the other one was a dream. VERY realistic but a dream. I have NEVER been that scared in my life.

Yeah Yeah I know I did make it deliberately juicy and full of suspense. And to be honest … BITE ME !!! … preferably lightly ;) and in the right places ;)


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