Today was one of those winter days when people spe…

Today was one of those winter days when people spend a lot of time snuggling in warm crevices. But I didnt do that. When people wear warm clothes and look at sexy in winter clothing. But I didnt do that. When people try to spend more time in the sun. But I didnt do that either. When people drink a lot of Tea, Coffee and Soups. I did do that since it is food and I love food. Well all in all it was one of those slow and lethargic winter days. Ahhhhhh. I love the wonders that come with every season.

I saw a wonderful movie, Quills. With exquisite acting by four people. Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Caine. It has excellent direction and flow of the story. It is one of those rare movies where at the end you are left fulfilled. Where you just sit quietly as the end titles roll by slowly. You just sit there in the lonely darkness soaking the movie slowly just as it is supposed to be received. It wasnt a movie. It was an experience. I would say it is a must see. Although NOT with family.

Due a certain recent action of mine during online chatting on MSN. I have decided to call myself Slut Boi for this week. Yes I am talking about that chat with YOU! You know who you are.

Today was the death anniversary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. One of a very small group of humans who I look up to. A post in his tribute has been posted.

I was listening to a very well known Pakistani band. Junoon today. And well after their albums Aazadi and Inqilab they have only went down. Why? I mean those albums are made up of super hits. All the songs are wonderful. But they just went down. They got commercialized and their music now well basically SUX. Sorry for being too harsh but it is the truth. I hate it when good bands go down that road and basically disappoint their fans.

That was all from my side. Over and out. Now its time to read your blogs.


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