I am very saddened to see that all those INTERESTI…

I am very saddened to see that all those INTERESTING searches leading to my blog have all but ended. Which makes me think that either there has a sudden demise of human imaginaton or a sudden dullness in this blog. I would opt for the former as it is easier to accept and does not reflect badly upon me.

Today was Jumma-al-Wida. Or the last friday of the month of Ramazan. Every friday during the Zohr(Noon) prayers there is a sermon. The sermon of Jumma-al-Wida has a big significance. Since nearly ALL muslim men go for the friday prayers they attend the sermon as well. I have stopped doing that. So I didnt go. Now I feel like I am being too much of a rebel.

Tomorrow I shall fast from sunrise till sunset in the proper fashion prescribed by Islam. Yes I have keep a Roza. And I will keep all the remaining fasts of the month of Ramazan.

I had a VERY strange dream. I saw that I was shirtless and waiting for the bus in a MAJOR shopping area. It was HORRIBLE. I felt so so so very ashamed that I woke us sweating. Yes I woke up sweating. Does this mean that I am not a slut after all and have a modicum of modesty … NAHHHH !!! God why did I let even an idea so absurd enter my mind.

And also some good news. I won a badminton match today. I was SO excited. It was wonderful. So I am not a COMPLETE sissy after all. Maybe like 0.98 sissy or 0.95 sissy but not 1.00 +- 0.01 sissy. YEY !!!

Today we were stopping at a red light late at night and the streets were empty. Another car stopped besides us. Then came two motorcycles. They literarry harassed the driver of the other car to move on. When … when will people mature enough to 1- NOT break the traffic light. 2- If someone else isnt then just shut your pie hole. People need to learn this I cannot imagine how we can call ourselves civilized otherwise.


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