It is about 0246 at night but I am changing the ti…

It is about 0246 at night but I am changing the time to set it as yesterdays post as all this happened yesterday.

I finally managed to drag myself to the barbers shop and get a haircut AND get shaved as well. It made me feel like a new man. Cleaned up and looking nice and tidy. Now that makes Jalal very very happy. Finally. So all of you who asked for my pics should ask for them now, before I become hideously ugly again.

I saw a half hour short play based on Munshi Prem Chand’s Afsana(short story) ‘Kafan’ on GeoTV channel. It was wonderful. It is one of those rare instances where you can that some form of justice has been done to the writer of the Afsana. The story of the play itself is so strong but acting and the music and the direction also added to the beauty of the experience.

Then came the HIGHEST point of the day or maybe even the year. It is only three / four days from Eid-ul-Fitr the Granddaddy of all Islamic Festivals. So shopping is at a fever pitch. Today me and my friends went to get some clothing for Eid. We went to this huge mens shopping super mall thing in Karachi. Well I dont need to tell you but, eye candy galore.

Basically any part of a man that anyone can ever image was there. And it was there in the most perfect and pristine form that there can be. Not on one person! DUH! On a bevy on men that thronged the men there. And well I had a lot of fun. Suffice to say that while my friends shopped I became a complete slut and stared at men shamelessly.

Another thing is that in Pakistan we have Hijras (Eunuchs). They are a traditional and old version of what you call drag queens. But Hijras are diffferent from Drag Queens. While shopping at the aforementioned mall I saw two drag queens. YES! Drag queens and I was like … WHOA COOL. Something new in Pakistan.

Then the last shop we went to was the lowest point of the day or maybe even the year. Basically I am slightly feminine. I cant help it, I am OK with it but I hate it when other people point it out to make fun of me on my face. So basically here is a picture. There was a circle of about 12 people. I was in the circle. And there was a man in the middle of the circle and acting like a Hijra or extremely effeminate men. It was said openly and it was also understood that I was the one being made fun of. I have never been more humiliated in my whole life. Never. It was one of the most horrible things that ever happened to me. And basically right now I just dont know what to think and how to cope with this.

And for todays daily rant about Karachi and Karachiites. Well. If someone is different from you. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE! You have NO right to force your beliefs on others. You have NO right to make them confirm to the beliefs of the majority. Live and let live.


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