I had a long chat with a female friend from colleg…

I had a long chat with a female friend from college. Was nice talking to her after such a long time. We used to enjoy chatting a lot when we were in college. She had a sense of humour. And well I do seem so have the rudiments of one as well. Most of you can possibly testify to that IF the matter went to court. Which I assure you it will not.

Today I had the same strange feelign at the time of Sunset and late evening. The dull and drab light. The birds in their multitude chirping in the trees where they had come to settle just next to our house. Then when the feeling is at its strongest. Comes the Azan of Maghrib. It is like the beckonign call. I causes the feeling to multiply and grow my leaps and bounds. The feeling of everything slowing down and everything becoming low and calm. The feeling of a sudden death. It is like the life of the day has just ended. Everything slows down and then picks up. It is a strange strange feeling that I dont know if other people feel as well.

I have an interest in architecture and beautiful buildings. I have a particular interest in the “Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah in Dehli”. It is one of the most beautiful buildings from the Mughal school of architecture. It has the most wonderful proportions and shape. The designs and the colours used are excellent. It is to me as beautiful as the Taj Mahal. It is a building that I would feel priviledged to see in my life in person.

I had the chance to listen to some of Pink Floyds songs that I had downloaded yesterday. Wonderful music. Wonderful Music! It is the food of my soul. The complete phenomenon that is Pink Floyd will not cease to amaze me. I specially like listening to Pink Floyd at around 0200 or 0300 when it is all calm and quiet and I am working on something late and I am slightly sleepy.

I spent all day thinking about the incident in the mall where I was humiliated. And to be honest. I am still in shock.

I talked about a lack of interesting searches only a few days ago on the 21st of November. And just today there were about 3 strange searches again.

– Yahoo search … province of s.e pakistan whose capital is karachi —–> answer is Sindh

– Google search … aunties looking for men in karachi —–> Desperation !!!

– Yahoo search … picture of ghazals singer mehdi hasan —–> Flattered to be even linked with a name that I hold in such high regard.


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