28 Ramazan 1424 I went to my cousins house for …

28 Ramazan 1424

I went to my cousins house for Aftari and Dinner. It was nice seeing them after such a long time. Their son is very young and very very cute and loveable. I love playing with him. With all his silly young questions like why dont we call green blur and will you please get my baloon for me. COOCHIE COOCHIE COO!!! And finally I had a normal conversation with humans. It was the first time in some time that I was sitting in company with the average IQ more than 23.4 and the educational qualifications surpassing the 5th grade. Thank you Allah Mian.

I probably havent told you people about my love for satellite imaging yet. I always loved maps and other things that showed me what the world was like. After I saw satellite images I went mad for them and here I am today telling you about then. Today I downloaded a couple of satellite images of Karachi. With much more detail than I currently have. Although Pakistani images are few and far between but I keep an eye out. If any of you find a good one do tell me.

I was reading about the Urdu Daastan today. It is a form of literature. It is basically a long long story. Sometimes TOO long. But it is long and full of many or one plots. The characters are many in numbers and the story had many supernatural things in it. But the Daastan is a wonderful and interesting art form. Keeping in mind the times when it originated and how it developed. I think Pakistanis should try to rediscover this art that is so beautiful but hidden from our view due to newer art forms.

An interesting thing that many people from outside Karachi dont know. Many houses in Karachi have names. Yep they do. For example. Qasr-e-XYZ. XYZ being the name of the owner that is. Not that it is actually XYZ since that isnt even in Urdu. But I digress. And then there are the Kashana-e-XYZ. Same thing about XYZ. And then there is the XYZ Manzil. For the IQ deficient, same thing about XYZ. But it is nice to see that and I think the naming the house idea really gives Karachi a beautiful flavour.

I have been driving a lot through Karachi over the last three days. I have sortof noticed one thing. That there is a specific architecture for every decade of the citys history. Moving through different areas I could see the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. Every area of the city was built in a very short time and it can be seen clearly. The 50s have the strong presence of circular rooms. The 70s are about squares and line. The 90s are about GHASTLY Greek(sic) columns. But thank GOD that period is over and the people in city are into the 00s. I think the new thing is a slightly return to classical indian/islamic/mughal architecture. At least aesthetically. But whatever. I really like noticing time changes and the fact that I can notice the time of construction from the architecture. YEY!

I have notices one thing. People who keep beards are EVIL. Althought it is generally understood that they are better muslims and closer to Allah. I am sure people will be shocked and angry by reading this and say that I am a bad person for saying something like but. But, they are strange and bad people. People who keep a beard are the worst when it comes to civil society and civic sense. They are ones to push the first in the line. They are the ones that are the worst drivers. Or maybe I just have people who are at all right wingers. And I need to moderate myself a little bit. You decide. NO NO. Dont. Lemme decide.

My rant regarding Karachi and Karachiites today is. FOOT BRIDGE !!! USE IT !!!


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