02 Shawwal 1424 Today was the second day of eid…

02 Shawwal 1424

Today was the second day of eid. For me very much the same. Relatives coming over and us going over for dinner. Most people find eid boring. I find it tiring. Well. It is tiring.

Yesterday there was a lot of post about. Today well. There isnt. Really. I mean if I post it will be because I have to not because I want to. Of I can just ramble on like I am doing now. With no rhyme or reason. Like I am doing right now. Well I know that I am just typing crap. You would think that I would stop. But think again. I didnt. WOO HOO !!! I am a loony.

In other news I played SO MUCH SimCity3000Unlimited that the only thing that I can see on the screen is my city building up. I kid you not. TRUST ME !

I hope I will have something to blog about tomorrow. So I will see you all then. Now its time to read your blogs. Bye.

Two interesting searches for the day.

Google … driving direction in karachi,pakistan —> Wow and I am just new at that. Thanks you Google!

Google … looking for karachi beautiful queens for sex —> I hate Google!

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