03 Shawwal 1424 3rd day of Eid. The same thing …

03 Shawwal 1424

3rd day of Eid. The same thing all over again today as well.

I was chatting with a friend last night and I learnt about the whole Gay Party thing in Karachi. Apparently one of the older and more settled members of Karachis gay community throw a party ever so often. That is time where gay people meet each other. I have heard that upto 400 people have been to these things. Wow! How desperate can you be. I REALLY wanna go to one. I know I know I am desperate. So what.

Strange search for the day

Google … Monkey in Karachi … How dare you google ? How dare you sir!

Another thing that I learnt. I am HORRIBLE on online chatting things. AIM or MSN or MIRC. I am horrible. So if you have talked to me. I AM SORRY FOR PUTTING YOU THROUGH THIS. Loolz. Also I ask TOO many questions. So if you have chatted with me. It is not you … it is me!

And WOW! does Ammi(Mom) make some TASTY! Koftay and Shami Kabab. Needless to say. I ate like a hog today.

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