04 Shawwal 1424 I went to meet some relatives t…

04 Shawwal 1424

I went to meet some relatives today. Now it is custom to put tid bits of interesting food infront of guests. Which they did. And the guests DO munch on few. Which we did. Then the guests desist no matter what. Which we all did except me. It is also customary for the host to keep offering to the guests. Which did but not to me. So all in all. Everyone was staring at me because I was eating too much. I LOVED it. It was wonderful. They were extremely tasty and I kept teasing my sisters because they didnt get to eat a lot of it. YEY!!!

What do you do when you are sitting in company and you realize that “the” GODAWFUL stench is coming from you? Since I am not that well versed in the ways of the world I cannot tell you. But I presume what a certain someone (definitely NOT me) did was that he sneaked into the bedroom of someone in the house. Then he prinkled himself with some of the perfume. When that someone tried to come into the room he ran out. And then he realized that “the” EXTREMELY strong and feminine smell is coming from him. Keep guessing coz I wont tell you who it was.

Something about my father. My father is a wonderful and amazing man. His knowledge. His ideas. His sheer grasp of issues and things is amazing. He is a policeman but has never taken one rupee through illegal or wrongful means. Something very uncommon for Pakistan. And he has taught the same. He is a marvel of a man and very honest. His integrity, honesty and truthfullness are a beacon for me. He has never had problems in any of his relations. It is shocking to see that he knows how to work with people without getting into any trouble with them. I would do well to learn from him. This little section came up becuase we had a long discussion with him today.

Today I was reading a book on Urdu and History of Urdu Literature. It is “Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasir Tareen Tareekh”(Shortest history of Urdu literature) by Dr Saleem Akhter. It was an interesting book. I read the first chapter only. But I realized one thing. What is the book about? If it is about Urdu Literature then it should be written in proper Urdu, that is Urdu that normal people like me(I am very good at Urdu) can read. The author has tried too much to use a horrible and terrible from of Urdu. The actual reason for writing the book seems to be to show everyone of the readers that Dr Sahib (Dr Saleem Akhter over here) can write wonderful Urdu. Unfortunately it is not any form of Urdu prose. Which is a pity because then the whole concept of the book is lost. Althought you do learn from it. But you have to read One pargraph for one line worthy reading. And seventeen sentences of useless Urdu arabesques.

Today I will not add the usual final paragraph where I berate my people for not being good enough. Today I will say that I am a Karachiite and a Pakistani. Given a thousand chances I will not prefer to have any other people as my people. I am proud of being what I am and I am proud to say that.

Pakistan Zindabad!


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