06 Shawwal 1424 Dont you love it when you go fo…

06 Shawwal 1424

Dont you love it when you go for slow drives with your family. With Abbu(dad) driving the car. The Ammi(mom) in the seat besides him. With you CRAMPED/CRAMMED in the car seat with your sisters. Looking at things outside and laughing and talking. Then the guy on the motorcycle in front of you falls down. You screech your car to a stop and the guy behind you hits you lightly. OH! You DONT love it? Strange because I dont love it either. Hmmmm. Maybe it is a human thing. Whatever!

I just love long long warm showers in the winter. I take a long shower and I love it. I shave. Trim my goatee. Cut my nails. Scrub my feet and hands. Rinse my face. Shampoo my hair and clean my skin squeaky clean. Ohk after writing the current paragraph and then reading it I realized one thing. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!! Why am I telling people what I do in a shower. And I was NEVER this boring in my LIFE. Belive me. No No really trust me. Oh come ON I KNOW YOU DONT. TRUST ME NOW! OR ILL COME OVER AND KICK YOU! Hmmm. Whoa! Jalal. Calm Down! Hmmmm did I just talk to myself. I think Ill move on to more interesting topics. Where I dont come off as a psychotic idiot.

Strange Google searches for the day

mcb job karachi —> Yeah! Right!

“david fumero” gay —> khushi say mar na jatey agar aitebar hota (Ghalib)

karachi aunties looking young man —> Horrible Grammar. Perverted Dude. Bad Choice.

Today I listened to a very beautiful song. It is from the Urdu Speaking heartland in Northern India. The theme is that a daughter is being wed to someone from a faraway place. It seems as if she will not be able to come back often to meet her family. So at the time of her Rukhsati(Girls departure after marriage) she sings this song. “kahe ko biyahee bides”. It means that why am I being wed to a foreign land. It is a wonderful piece. Usualy sung in a melancholic mood. That of the bittersweet moments of departure from an old life and entrance into a new one. Leaving memories and Gaining hopes. A wonderful piece. And at times the poetry simply moves one to tears. Specially when I think of my sisters and one day they will all be Rukhsat from this house. Sortof makes me useasy. Rukhsati is a very emotional moment for the family. Happiness for the new step. Sadness at the distance. Ahhh. I have no idea how I will cope when my sisters get married.

No rant about my society today. Too melancholic to say anything to make it worse.


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