07 Shawwal 1424 So life goes on. Your sisters g…

07 Shawwal 1424

So life goes on. Your sisters grow up and become more adept and sarcasm than you are. DAMN! Yes that is what is going on. My sister is on college now and is growing progressively better at sarcasm. Hmmmm. This means ill have to be better at sarcasm. I cant believe she beat me to it. Well I am very quick and good at sarcasm. I cant believe my place is being taken by someone else.

I just saw a guy with the strangest laugh today. I think he knows about it as well. We were about 10 people sitting there. When he laughed we all looked at him. He knew. We knew. Awkwardness 101.

Something that I never knew. But with time grew to accept it. If you spend some time everyday HATING your tv or internet cable provider. Then you are (1) normal and (2) from the modern age.

Some good news from the sub continent. The idiots that sit in the corridors of powers in India and Pakistan decided that rather than have an arms race they now want to have a peace race. Both have been trying to outdo each other in trying to show the world that they are more peaceful than the other. WOW! IDIOTS! What is needed is for a cane or bamboo rod with which a long line of our leaders should be spanked until they start enjoying it. Then we should stop. And really hurt them.

Another piece of good news due to this developement. The KSE(Karachi Stock Exchange) 100 index shot up by 195 points in one day. That is 5 % WOW. I hope my shares grew or I will kill my friends A.R. who forced me into buying those stocks.

I just love to listen to old Indian movie songs. They are nice. Some of them are more than songs. They are little pieces of nostalgic memories.

Todays listing of STRANGE searches that led to my blog …

BA notes help karachi pakistan —> No use studying at the last moment

anokha t shirt —> Ohhhhkkkkkkkk!

50 year old sluts —> WOW! how in the name of chilled sweetened milk did that yield my blog as a result

Todays rant about Pakistan and its society. Why the HELL do women ALWAYS yak about jewellery and clothes. WHY DEAR GOD WHY!!! CONTINUOUSLY FOR 53 !!!minutes. I looked at the watch. People should have the courtesy to not talk about EXTREMELY boring things when someone else is stuck with you for 53 minutes.


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