08 Shawwal 1424 I just put on 1Kg of weight. Ex…

08 Shawwal 1424

I just put on 1Kg of weight. Excuse me while I go chop off my foot. No seriously. I am already FAT as an elephant. When I thought that I cannot grow fatter. As it is against ALL the rules of biology I DO put on 1 Kg. Ohk Ill meet you after the foot.

I am back. Couldnt chop it off. Seems I am Fat AND a wuss.

Nothing of note happened today. I saw the movie. Kate and Leopold. Nothing of note happened today. I mean it is ok for EXTREMELY romantic women. But even the DASHING Hugh Jackman could not make me pronounce the movie at all above a 1/10 rating. Of course Meg Ryan is also a good actress but COME ON. I didnt like it.

Listened to a beautiful old Indian song today. “Dekha aik khawab” all of you who have it right now are ORDERED to put it on and listen to it NOW. It is a beautiful piece of sublime music. One of the reason I like to listen to Indian Oldies. They are melodious. They have good lyrics. The singers have nice voices.

An interesting link here would be http://www.nytimes.com/2003/12/03/opinion/03KRIS.html. Interesting read.

Todays list of strange searches that led to my blog …

japanese pakistan chatting —> No idea what-so-ever about this one.

msb tallest buildings karachi —> Well I think it is right. But why my blog ?

Todays rant would be about people cursing. It is very common for men here to utter the most beautifully grafted sentences full of expletives on EVERY possible occasion. Well it is NOT cool. It is not about being macho and MAN MAN. It is about being from the most horrible background without anything resembling a good upbringing. So next time before you intend to show what your parents did or did not teach you on the street think for one minute.


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