09 Shawwal 1424 Another day when nothing import…

09 Shawwal 1424

Another day when nothing important happened. I have been very busy lately and the ongoing project will take up about a few more weeks. God I hope I finish it in time and be done with it. This nothing to do all day long scenario is not very very interesting.

I saw a VERY beautiful “Paandaan” today. For my culturally aware brethren and for foreigners. A “Paandaan” is a small metallic(Silver) box where we keep Paans(Betelnuts). Usually they are kept by grandmothers and every family has OLD OLD ones being passed on through the generations. Most of them have the MOST WONDERFUL engravings. I saw the one that came in my Daadi’s(Paternal Grandmother) Jahaiz (dowry). It is wonderful. The most beautiful piece of silver ever. I would post a picture but it will be too obvious and I dont want my father to throw me out … yet.

Strange searches for the day would include

male cats name in pakistan —> AHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH !!!!!

Car number plates Pakistan —> Two things. 1- Why did someone search this. 2- Why is my blog is the results.

pics of sandpaper —> I am not THAT masochistic yet.

Ladies and Gentlemen what you have been waiting all through the blog for. Yes. Todays rant about my society. There is such a thing as a modicum of decency and morals of public behaviour. Whistling at girls and making comments at them is sick. What is sicker is that thier party of 5 hooligans gets beat up by 1 guy. YES! 1 guy. Seems some mens pants are only for women. Sissies. For a change pick on someone your own size.

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