10 Shawwal 1424 Tomorrow is the big day. I am s…

10 Shawwal 1424

Tomorrow is the big day. I am slightly nervous today. But I have prepared myself mentally for the outcome of the first presentation of my project. Ohk you are right. I am not slightly nervous. I am VERY nervous. So I hope I wont be so shocked when they tell me what it will be about the presentation. Well wish me some luck. I am TOO nervous. I think i will gnaw on my nails to calm down.


Ahhh. Calmed down finally.

The strange searches for today would be …

karachi fucked up —> Ohk Ohk I admit. It is true. But it is not at all flattering. Ohk. So I am indignant by the implied truths in here.

Todays rant would be. When there is a traffic jam. Bumper to Bumper. For a very long stretch of road. And there is some movement 100 meter ahead. DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT honk your horns like an idiot. NOONE will disappear into thin air and leave a clean path for you. So grow the hell up and stop honking your horns.


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