11 Shawwal 1424 Interesting things in life abou…

11 Shawwal 1424

Interesting things in life abound. And I miss ALL of them. The current project is KILLING me. It is gnawing at my soul and making me empty from inside. But I love the work. So I have NO idea what I am talking about.

Some new faces at work. Ill refer to them as Hotguy and Slutguy.

I can see hotguy when he is working or sitting in his office. OK! I am NOT a stalker OK! I just look at him to see all that is beautiful in the world. So hot guy is hot and I want to HAVE him. But that is not going to happen since I will never get the nerve to ask him if he is ahem ahem interested in non conformist activities. Then he will turn out to be gay because he seemed intelligent and he will go out with someone and I will hate myself for the rest of my life.

Then there is Slutguy. Well he is the one who is DEFINITELY coming onto me. I say definitely because I saw him looking at me one too many times. The thing is I dont want to try out anything with him because he is from a different world and it will NOT work out. And I will NOT give away my cherry only for the reason that is getting old where it is. I will give it for love and lust (Notice the and).

So Slutguy will lust after me. I will lust after Hotguy. A strange cosmos that is my work place. And no more ridiculous troubles with my boss.

Todays rant about society. DONT YOU DARE scowl at me when I honk my horn at you when you try to cross the road UNDER a foot bridge. DONT YOU DARE. Next time I might snap and become one of those animals who actually scream from their car at others on the road.

And finally something that I need to say. GOD I need to get laid. VERY VERY much. Why am I stopping myself from this treat ? Why god why ? HELP ME !!!


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