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12 Shawwal 1424 Today was an interesting day. B…

12 Shawwal 1424

Today was an interesting day. Being Sunday the element of spending time and taking part in indolent activities being the central theme. I LOVE DAWN newspaper’s special Sunday edition. I love going to the houses of relatives where other newly arrived relatives from America are staying. Basically because the newly arrived ones give gifts like Eidi. ;) Sometimes a lot of it.

And then I was talking to a guy I know from college who was very hot and hence on my MSN messenger list :). He mentioned how hungry he was. Then he told me that at that moment he had a special craving for cherry. I went BERSERK with glee and wanted to tell him that I am a gay virgin. I have NO idea how I stopped myself. Oh yes! Now I remember. I pinched my arm purple. Yeah! It still hurts. Why cant I just think before I do something. ALLAH!

There was a power outage a few days ago. My windows 2000 DIED in it. Dont tell me to repair it. It is VERY badly GONE. So I installed it again. So here I am. Angry and agitated. And perpetually horny. God I am sounding like a BIG loser.

Oh and another thing. For the past two days my internet connection is giving me trouble. Well I think I know what to do. Ill go to the house of the ISP guy. Ill cut out his intestines. Then I will strangle him with them. Then I will use them as a rope and tie him to a major traffic light in the city. So that others see the gore and NEVER EVER mess with me.

Strangely no strange /absurd /perverted /sick /thoughprovoking /shocking /unique searches were made today.

Todays rant about society. If you are on the road. DONT honk your horn like a FRIKKING IDIOT. This should apply specially when you are STANDING on a red light ALONG with about 500 other cars. When the traffic is jammed for about as far as the eye can see. When the car slows down to turn right and he is in the RIGHT lane. Because personally I dont think anyone is on the road SOLELY to stop in front of you so that they can waste their time ONLY so you get hurt. LOSE THE PARANOIA! GROW THE HELL UP!

Or in other words DO NOT honk your horn unless as a way of saying “HEY YOU ARE ABOUT TO HIT ME !!!” or “HEY I AM ABOUT TO HIT YOU !!!”. Notice the THREE exclamation marks. Used to show URGENCY in this situation. And try to be civil on the roads of the city. The way you drive SHOWS your background and your family.