15 Shawwal 1424 Ohk the project ended today. I …

15 Shawwal 1424

Ohk the project ended today. I am sitting on my computer chair and I am very very tired. It went very well. I loved it. Hotguy was HOT and I did catch him staring at me once. So I think if he stays on I could try to make a move. Unfortunately slutguy was only a one day addition to the work scene or I would have definitely done something. My boss loved the work I did and he was very impressed. Although he didnt ask me to sleep with him which means my promotion is not due in the next few months.

And now the news that will make you are jealous as hell and envious with unconcealable envy. I have 4 days off from work. My boss said I can have the time off. So I have 4 days. NO work for the future and nothing to do. So I went to Urdu Bazaar today and got three urdu novels. I went there and I went berserk and finally settled for these.

The Urdu Bazaar is a large bazaar that has MANY MANY stores that sell books and stationary. It is like a supermarket for books and stationary and printers. So for me it is like heaven. I have to pay my respects there every week or I seem to be comitting GRAVE sins. So I went there. Walked around and went to about 20 shops and finally got three novels that I will read. All of them for a second time and tell you what I think about them. Tut tut the people who can read Urdu for not having read them and the people who can not read Urdu for not being able to read them. And if any of you have read them act like an intellectual inferior and say you havent. It helps my self confidence.

There is a book shop in the bazaar that is the best in the world. My friend had to DRAG me out of the shop. I didnt want to leave. I wanted to sit right there on the old and scraped plastic tiles and read the contents of the shop. THANK god my friend stopped me or I would have been an old man who everyone thought was an idiot.

And since now If I write two more paragraphs I will die of sleep I will write one more and go to sleep. And go to sleep. This being that paragraph is the last and with this paragraph I end my post. No seriously there is not more. DONT read ahead. Aa. Aa. DONT!. Ok … good. Now that you desist I will go to sleep. Bye.


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