17 Shawwal 1424 Today was like any other day in…

17 Shawwal 1424

Today was like any other day in the life of a Flu victim living in a traditional eastern family. What is that ? Well wait … DUH! of course I am going to tell you. Well last night the fever got stronger. My mom comes to my room every half hour to check up on it. When in the morning my fever got too strong. She closed the fan from the full blast that it was on. And she put ANOTHER covering on me. NOT a good idea. Soon I was sweating like a pig (EWWWW you perverts stop thinking about it in a SICK SICK perverted way). So I woke up an a sweat with all my coverings wet. Which meant that I had to change my bed in the middle of the night. My mom then FORCE FED me some soup at about 4 am and gave me medicine.

I mean I am a man. I kill wild birds and then I eat them. I get into horrible street fights and break bones. I go into the military and kill people in cold blodd. Yeah I am a man. And men are tough guys. I dont need my mom to make me feel like a sissy. Hmmmmmmmmm. Well maybe I do. But that doesnt make me any less of a man.

I have realized that I have to start working out and learn how to KICK peoples behinds like hell. That way when they say I am a sissy I can tell them that I can beat the hell out of them. Yeah right Jalal. Way to go. Coercing people into accepting your point of view. That is a real development in your character. And like days of yore I talk to myself on the blog and teach myself thing. While you all sit there SOCKED in disbelief. Hmmmmm.

Searches for the day …

karachi watch and care … ?

juice karachi killed … what is the link between these words ?

pics of pakistani college girls … frustration at its heights …

Todays rant about society is about religious beliefs. I believe in a certain thing. I believe in one God. So does any christian or jew. So do most other religions in the world who do believe in a God. Those who dont believe in a God believe in some sort of over all source or power. May it be the rules of science or anything else. Every human believes that there is a system. And when asked they all believe in the eventual thing about a single system. Hence the concept of one God. So if you call him Allah, Bhagwan, Eeshwar, God, Yehvew or whatever. It is the same God. So I would prefer it if next time I am on political channels on MIRC people dont say that God is good and Allah is bad. DUH! idiots. Its the same guy. We use different names. Who I call Eesa and who english speakers call Jesus are the same person. Just because different languages have different words that doesnt mean they are different things.


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