19 Shawwal 1424 This is not my regular daily po…

19 Shawwal 1424

This is not my regular daily post that will come later.

I am happy at the current peace moves by the people of India and Pakistan who finally managed to affect their governments. Causing a new road to peace to open and causing a new movement across the border. The Indian peace activist have reached Karachi and it seems there is something going on. An underground movement.

There is a sudden awakening to the sounds of a new dawn. There is a new realization that freedom is close by. There is a new feeling of life in our veins. There is a new desire to flex out muscles and make our nations. There is a new hope.

As a tribute to this region and its people …

Saaray Janah Say Accha Hindustan Hamara

Hum Bulbulain Hain Is Ki Yeh Gulsitan Humara

Mazhab Naheen Sikhata Aapas Main Bair Rakhna

Hindi Hain Hum Watan Hay Hindustan Hamara

Yoonan o Misr o Roma Sab Mit Gaey Jahan Say

Ab Tak Magar Hay Baaqi Naam O Nishan Hamara

I am suddenly reminded that I have no blogging links with Indians. I think it is time I made my small contirubtion to building bridges.

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