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20 Shawwal 1424 So today I am feeling better. N…

20 Shawwal 1424

So today I am feeling better. Not well. Better. But thanks be to Allah I am feeling better. I was having a very bitter taste in my mouth. Much like what one gets when they see U G L Y ! wearing sweaty skin tight t shirts.

Long long day. Tomorrow I start working again. So kind of excited. Today I listened to music all day long. And hence exactly due to that I am in a very good mood. Another reason would be the 10 emails I got today that had a LARGE number of Collinn Farell pics. So basically I couldnt resist and I had to go and watch S.W.A.T. The movie is only for people who like action or who like to watch well built men in police uniforms sweat and fight with bad guys and give cute head / abs / bicep / shirtless full body shots to the camera.

Now that that is done. I am about to snap and when I do I will take my internet cable guy. I will tie him to a chair. I will put a tv infront of him on full sound. And I will leave him. I will let him go after he has been screaming at the tv to shut up for at least 20 hours and is all hoarse and throat less.

There are no other little things to add to the blog. I will be able to post properly from this weekend. Just that the break frazzled me. NOONE! I repeat NOONE! Tells my boss I said frazzled so he can stop giving me breaks for ever.