24 Shawwal 1424 I watched an interesting movie …

24 Shawwal 1424

I watched an interesting movie with my sister today. Something about the grinch and christmas or something. VERY VERY KIDDIE flick. So for anyone above the age of 3.4 DO NOT WATCH IT ok … unless you are watching it with someone in the aforesaid age range. There are stupid stupid jokes in it that you will NOT laugh at but they will. I love watching movies or tv with one other person. It is nice to share all the jokes and stuff. Oh and yes the real reason is that you can keep asking them to do stuff for you. Like get you water and cookies.

So when you get to JFK Airport in New York all the way from Karachi. You have just had a journey of 16 hours. And yes you are right. People are ready to bite or claw their way out of the airport. But then the staff at the airport makes it a point to make the lives of everyone a living hell so that they dont stay back in America. But most Pakistan end up doing that. So it is a failure. If you are reading this IT IS A FAILURE! Getting back to the story. So when I got out with the baggage I was about to bite on the railing to get over to my relatives. One reason was because I HAD to go to the bathroom. And since most of my internal organs were DEAD from waiting I ran into the bathroom. It was NOT clean but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Then once I was calm enough to use my brain I realized one thing. There was no water there !!! Yes. No water. Just a lot of toilet paper and I remember. DAMN IT! This is America they dont use water they use toilet paper. And I was like FOOCKA. Then I waited in the batroom for about 35 minutes when my cousin came in to check up on me and ask me if I was alive or had I passed out. I said I was fine. I need water. He laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. But after laughing for about 15 minutes he came back with a litre bottle of water.

Lesson : Never go to a batroom in America without preparing for the possibility of there being no running water in there.

And I learnt another thing in the US about bathroom.

Lesson : Sometimes batrooms in America do not have locks inside so people can walk in on you.

Since I want to seem normal I will STOP talking about bathrooms.

So I finished the novel Raja Gidh. Really liked it. It was very nice. Again I cannot recommend it more.

And the strangest search result landed someone on my blog.

married to a pakistani blog — > ohkayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …


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