26 Shawwal 1424 So everyday has its own special…

26 Shawwal 1424

So everyday has its own special rhythm. Some are slow like yesterday. Some are downright kill me please boring. Like today. If this keeps on I wont be able to pass tomorrow since it will definitely be about 586 hours long. Oh and yes. Tomorrow is a Monday. Wow. Seems like things are adding up to a grand finale.

Something that I am sure many of you will agree with. Luke Perry … SWOON!

So today I had time to read about the history or homosexuality in medieval muslim cultures. From what I learnt lets just say that I want to go back in time and have an interesting time. Yeah you wouldnt guess it but there was a very rich homosexual scene back then. Which is very very enticing.

Alongwith all of that I kept thinking about what I was dreaming about last night. I remember it was something very interesting but I forgot as soon as I got up. Now since I know that the dream was such that if it were to take place in real life … heads would roll and old women all over the world would shake their heads at how much the new generation has corrupted itself. Well wish me luck. I have a vague idea that maybe another blogger was in it. But then again I remember a large red flag being worn for protection or something. WOW! Dreams are a strange strange thing.

Oh and yes something I learnt today. When you pick up a bottle of water and put it to your mouth and take a BIG BIG sip. And then you realize it is not water in the bottle of Sprite. It is sprite. You are stupid. So you need to check every time. Because DAMN sprite is as zesty as 23 year old virgins.


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