27 Shawwal 1424 First of all. Today I found ano…

27 Shawwal 1424

First of all. Today I found another blog by a gay Pakistani. So I am quite thrilled.

I saw an interview with a Vampire. Now Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Chistian Slater! The casting must have been done by someone who was a woman or a gay man. I mean come on … look at what was selected.

One thing that is going along well is that my relations with my mom are much better now. I mean we have both calmed down to normal acceptable human limits. She doesnt do things that I get angry at. I dont get irritated by small things. But I love fighting with her. So does she. Seems like a trait we both share. I just want her to admit defeat. But god … she is MY mom. ;) I am sure she is expecting the same from me. So no matter how much I tell her that the cook is better at cooking she will not yield.

I think I will have to find some other weakness that I can exploit.

Oh wow Jalal you just turned into something halfway between Chanikya and Machiavelli. WOW !!! AH FEEL GEWD !!! Whoa … wait … wait … let me calm down a bit.

Now that I am completely calmed down. I will say that I am a nice and caring person who DOES NOT plan and scheme against other people. Yes. That is true.

Now I will get into bed which is being very enticing since it is slighlty cool and I love a nice cozy sleep in the winter.

My warm warm bed beckons. And I bid thee farewell.


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