28 Shawwal 1424 I have conducted my monthly upd…

28 Shawwal 1424

I have conducted my monthly update of the About me page. It sortof keeps changing and keeps a record of the change. Which I find interesting to note.

Well why dont I EVER have a nice pictures. My pictures are usually horrible. I am halfway between an ogre and a camel in most of them. In normal terms. I look horrible in my pictures. There is such a thing as being photogenic. Well I am photoungenic if there is anything like that. Now I am also starting to think that maybe my reflection in the mirror is also affected by this. Which would in effect make me much better than I think I am. Which is basically something that will like to see very much. And anyone who had read this paragraph KNOWS that I am very very strange. Well just think that this is a blog. What wonders would you see if I were to let it all loose. Remember my sleepy post?

Today I had an interesting gardening day. My grandfather is fond of gardening. So today he highjacked me and told me to fill pots with earth and mulch and I was made to water and seed and clean and scrape a LOT of things. I felt DIRTY after that. NO you sicko … not that kind of dirty. I felt muddy. But it was nice. All the gardening. I think ill start doing it a lot more now. Since I like it and since my dada(paternal grandfather) thinks that I am doing it for him. Which is a double anti whammy. A british slang term I learnt from a british guy I was chatting with on MSN messenger.

Recently I have found myself being very attracted to Christian Slater. Watching interview with a vampire yesterday helped in the process speed up.


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