01 Ziqaad 1424 Today is the first day of the ne…

01 Ziqaad 1424

Today is the first day of the new month of the Islamic calender. The month being Ziqaad.

Today we had a LARGE family dinner. The dinner was WONDERFUL and we had a LOT to eat. A very VERY fulfilling meal indeed. It seems that Master Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan doesnt have ANY shame or ANY regard for his FAST increasing waistline. Oh well. Another day another million calories. Or maybe two.

I think I told you all that I am learning to drive. I still havent learnt. Dont get me wrong. I am a VERY quick learner. I just havent gotten the time yet to really learn it. And on top of the the traffic here is HORRIBLE! Hmmmmmmm. This paragraph will pull you to something I wrote yesterday … when I said that I am good at rationalizing. Well I think I am getting better every day.

Today I got time to watch ‘A few good men’ for the fourth time. This time with my oldest sister. It was a WONDERFUL movie. Any of you who havent seen it are ORDERED to go watch it. Any of you who like courtroom drama or military drama have to see it. The first scene is NOT … I repeat … NOT to be missed.. There were about 2-3 occasions where the movie was so intense that my jaw dropped onto my feet and according to Murphys Laws rolled itself into the most inconvenient corner possible. NO! NO! Not figuratively. LITERALLY!

There is this guy that I have been chatting with on MIRC and MSN over the last 2-3 years. Today I met him online on MSN again after about 1 month or so. I met him through my real persona and not through my pseudonym of Jalal. He doesnt know that I am gay. To him I am just another friend. But over time I have become really attached to him. We have never met but we have interacted a lot over the net. I think I am falling for him. And also I have a sneaking suspicion that he is gay and interested. I dont know what to say or do. All I can say is that I will wait and see what happens. But I will keep you guys posted.

Now that I have gotten your attention I would like to loose it as well. There were TWO sucide attacks on President Musharraf. Although I am not from the pro-Musharraf group but an attack on the President was shocking and angering to say the least. This makes a very bad precident for Pakistan and where it is going. Such violence is always thought of as a thing of the past but the spectre haunts us at every moment. I dont know what to say except that I am deeping shocked and they I can only hope for the well being of ‘General Sahab’. And I can only hope and pray that Pakistan and Pakistanis have a brighter future sooner rather than later.


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