03 Ziqaad 1424 Well I am in a bad mood today. …

03 Ziqaad 1424

Well I am in a bad mood today.


Everytime I am in a bad mood. I get very angry and very irritated at things around me. I get a million things in my head. EVERYTHING that I do not like jumps into the fray. Now that I am in a bad mood I am thinking about a fight had when I was in 2nd grade and was beaten up. And many other such unpleasant occasions in my life. Including the time when had this argument with a guy in college. So you can well imagine it is a COLLECTION of things.

I mean COME ON. You people who just read what I wrote know that it is STRANGE. And well I would agree with you. Oh and by the way now I am angry at my being strange.

Everytime I am angry I relize that people should really get to know me. Because when I am angry they would REALLY like being with me. Because when I start ranting I dont stop. I am never confrontational so I wont say hit them with something. I will only start making EXCELLENTLY sculptured statements in Urdu and English about everything that is wrong in my life … and in the world. I pass the most KILLER sarcastic remarks. I mean they are worth writing in diaries and using later on in life.

Then I snap out of the bad mood. I realize that I have said the most mean and rude things to people that I dont even mean to say. They are things that I would agree later are not only wrong but they are false as well. I mean … come on … calling a woman who is known for her beauty as butt ugly is not just wrong it is false as well. And then I told this exceptionally intelligent guy that he has in IQ of 12.3. So basically people who know me well WAIT for me to have a bad day and I do things that they AND me will laugh at for ever.

Now that I have presented to you a complete picture of the phenomenon that is ‘Jalal’s bad day’. I think ill take off. And let you all proceed with your lives in a much more shocked and fazed manner than before you read my blog today. Still thinking about me and how I am VERY VERY strange. And scarily fun to be with.

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