05 Ziqaad 1424 Ohk so here I am blogging dilige…

05 Ziqaad 1424

Ohk so here I am blogging diligently at the end of the day. Trying desperately to impress all those who read these lines. And hopeing against hope that ‘the one’ will read my blog, fall in love with me and we will live happily ever after. But only after being ostracized from out families and after running away from Pakistan by seeking political asylum in some remote country both of which we would learn to hate. And this seething hatred well destroy our relationship and we will break up leaving half empty shells of humans wanting and not wanting each other at the same time.

WOW! DAMN I am on FIRE today. Way to go Jalal.

Nothing of consequence happened today. Except that I had some wonderful chats with a few guys yesterday. So I am feeling nice.

So that all aside. You read the irregular blog for the day. I exercised again. All those muscles that I dont even think exist are hurting again. But less right now. And … I felt more invigorated after todays exercise than yesterday. So something is right.

Oh and those of you who are either a- falling in love with me or b- going to. This daily exercise and the ensuing pain makes me seem like a Masochist. So for those of you who want to hear this. I am not a Masochist. Unless you like it. Then I am. JALAL stop being such a love-whore! NOW! Oh dear. Oh dear. I am talking to myself again. This is not good. This is not good. Lemme get a drink then I will continue.

Ohk when I went to get the drink I realized that ALL my muscles hurt. I am sure you are all VERY irrirtated by my constant whining about this exercise thing. But I am in pain. And if I dont talk to you guys who do I talk. Like real physical people (BAH HUMBUG) (Laughing loudly as if the idea presented in the previous sentence is too ridiculous). Oh and since noone (and no HANDSOME SEXY HUNK of a genie) miraculously poppup up to massage me. I will go to the nearest Traffic Light and sell myself to whoever will massage me. Bye. Ill tell you ALL about it tomorrow.


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