06 Ziqaad 1424 If I have to continue from yeste…

06 Ziqaad 1424

If I have to continue from yesterday. Well I did not go to the traffic light. I was afraid people will think of me as FAT and not buy me. Yes I do have a strange lack of confidence. And today I didn’t work out. No. No. No. Wait. Stop. It is not what you think. I am shifting the workout to the mornings. I guess I will be able to do it better that way. So tomorrow morning. ‘Al-as-Subha’. Actually I think once this initial muscle pain is over it is very very invigorating.

Late afternoon I decided to listen to music. The first song was “Gham e Dil Ko In Aankhon Say Tapak Jana Bhi Aata Hay”. And I promptly(yes, VERY promptly) changed my playlist to old Pakistani movie songs. And I listened to some wonderful oldies. I loved it. Then ammi(mom) came in and told me I am too young for that and I should listen to pop and rap and the likes. And I decided to pull my leg out and beat myself over the head with it. I mean to think that I was so stupid that I wouldn’t know that I am supposed to listen to the crap churned out nowadays. I am sorry ammi. I will be a better music connoisseur from now on.

And after a long long time I have some INTERESTING searches leading to my blog.

e-mail addresses of Karachi gays — DESPERATION !

Floor tiles Pakistan pics — I don’t have any but I would like to see these babies.

Dog Show in Karachi — ??? ??? Oh and some more ???

Do Guess Papers work for B.A. in Pakistan — Yeah … Right !

who are the hottest guys Pakistan — I CAME IN 5TH !!! I AM FLATTERED

Oh and after not having too much time to use my cranial capacity for showering ire and sarcasm on my society and fellow citizens. Today after some coaxing by Quixotic I have one of those rants that I used to love.

Today’s rant is about McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. Those of you who are living in the same world as me know what I am about to say. Which being … DUDE! They are ONLY fast food places. They are NOT the centre of the UNIVERSE! They are NOT icons to show off your money and your newly earned bribes. They are NOT the Kaaba. I mean come on! The way people walk into the haloed halls and marbled colonnades of these establishments and act as if they have achieved a spiritual and a social nirvana and can barely conceal their sprouting wings and glee is disgusting to say the least. Reflects VERY badly upon us and what we stand for.

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