07 Ziqaad 1424 Yesterday’s post today because o…

07 Ziqaad 1424

Yesterday’s post today because of net trouble yesterday.

Although I know you are SO looking forward to it. But there will be no whining about the exercise today. NO! STOP! Please do not stop reading. I promise I will rant at the end.(GOD! you people like some STRANGE STUFF). The exercise is going fine. And after some expert advice from a blogger in the US I think it will get better now.

I was half forced and half cajoled by ALL of my family into buying a cell phone.(I am sure you all know this sentence means … FULLY forced). I think I have a LG B1300. But frankly I have no idea why they have different ones. You use them for the same purpose. It is like OH! we invented something called the elbat and it will do EXACTLY what a table does. I mean. HELLO!!!

It was new years eve and I spent it with my family. Nice evening. It was marred by sporadic outbursts by an old female relative (currently staying with us) breaking out into lamentation about the new generation and its taking part in the satanic ritual of the new years eve and how we have lost all sense of virtue and vice. Thank be to Allah I am not a conservative !!! Thank you Allah Taala! Thank you!

I saw the program ‘Tribute to Malika e Tarannum Noor Jahan’ on Indus Vision Channel. And I noticed that the commercials were about 40% of the show time. What is with the commercials? Let me free! Let my tribute go! Let my tribute G O !

Unfortunately there are no searches here today.

Todays rant about my people and my society. Well going to buy the cell phone I realized that people have NO idea how to walk on the streets. So here are some basic rules. You walk on the right hand side. You walk in a straight line. You DO NOT stand in doorways. You DO NOT push other people. You do not utter LONG and HEAVY expletives in public places.

God if it wasnt for me. How WOULD people learn.


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