09 Ziqaad 1424 A much more calm, collected and …

09 Ziqaad 1424

A much more calm, collected and sober Jalal sits and types this post. Unlike the frenzied, scattered and excited Jalal from last night. Pakistan night is over. I have had the sleep and Pakistan day is over for me. For now that is. And now before you people get bored beyond all reasonable limits of comprehension I will start amusing you all with todays post.

Today I realized that I have to have Raaga Malkauns or some thing related to it as the beep of my cell phone (I know I know I am strange). I had to spend about 4 hours today just to learn about the basics of Raagas and what their structure is. Honestly! I am still very very clueless about this. Then after finding some information about the Malkauns that I barely understood (barely) I had to translate it into the Western format of music notation. So I had to spend about an hour learning those basics. After that I had to convert it to the numerical system which took about 10 minutes. And the result is that my cell phone is not capable of editing in this depth so I cannot have Malkauns after all. Which is very bad indeed. Way to go Jalal. You are officially a moron.

Today I went to see the progress in all those seeds that I told you about. Well I saw hundreds of small plats growing there. Hundreds! And I was so elated. I mean I gave life to these. And to think that they didnt turn out to be like me. Phew! Thank be to Allah! Otherwise they would be made fun of by all the other plants that they would live with and what not. Oh dear. I need Tea. Ill be back after the tea.

Today I had the sensation that I was bored. I never get bored. So I was thinking why am I bored today when I am never bored otherwise. I suddenly realized. Oh! I read this wonderful novel that I have everyday. But today I didnt. Then a voice inside me said. Hello! Jalal! What the hell was this? And I said, Yar I am sorry, it was a mistake. Then the voice said. Dude! you are talking to me again. And I said, oh ok, I will stop. And I have no idea why I am putting this on my blog except to probably scare you and cause all prospective readers to not become my boyfriends ever.

Two very interesting searches for the day.

0.95 m Karachi Satellite Image —> Well whoever you are who searched for this if you are really interested in that email me and ill tell you some sites with satellite images of Karachi.

MCB tallest building in Karachi —> Yes it is the tallest and it is an aesthetic horror.

Todays Rant would be about the habit of Pakistanis to spit. I mean what the hell is that. AAACH THOOOO! And they spit. It is seriously crude, crass and barbaric. Most men here spit. They spit while standing on the roads without abandon and without the smallest inkling that there might be something wrong in it. Some of them spit out of their windows. Some spit in their houses. It just keeps getting sicker and sicker. If you tell someone that it is wrong and strange. They will tell you that you are a woman and a sissy and laugh amongst themselves while spitting at the same time. Disgusting habit. DISGUSTING!


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