09 Ziqaad 1424 I had a chat with A.I tonight. H…

09 Ziqaad 1424

I had a chat with A.I tonight. He is a very dear and close friend from college. Every once is a while … Read one month, we have what I call a Pakistan Chat. We due to some reason lead out discussion to Pakistan and the problems facing it. What we can do. What we cannot do. Why we cannot do it. What is wrong with Pakistanis. Everything. The whole story. Each and every facet of the throbbing wounds.

The whole Defence scenario with big mansions and English medium schools and where money buys respect and honour.

The whole mass of squalour and abject povert where literacy is a dream and illiteracy and a lack of education rule supreme.

The whole nation that wants to leave and make it big somewhere else in the world where they dont have to work hard.

The complete wild run for money as a sole panacea and a complete disregard for the means in which it is acquired.

The complete lack of men to tell them that they have to come back onto the right track and select the right way.

The complete aloofness of Pakistanis to education, learning, culture and civilization.

The nation that sees the rich getting richer the poor poorer and the middle class become extinct slowly.

The nation that is taught have Amanat(Trustworthiness), Diyanat(Honesty), Sadaqat(Truthfullness) and Sharaafat(Piety) but doesnt believe in any of those.

The nation that believes in the presence of money, glamour and pomp to be the mettle of a man.

The English language that only a few of us are taught and those not taught in it see closed to them all avenues of progress.

The English language that only a few of us are taught and only those few may do something for the progress of the whole.

The English language that will cause all those educated in it to seek better opportunities in the First world countries.

And by the end of the night. After listening to the song that I put up earlier. And the long chat with A.I. I am very emotional. I want to go out now and go to the nearest Edhi or Hamdard office and tell them ‘I am here’. Just tell me what to do. I just want to do something for Pakistan. Time is running out. Every moment brings us closer to the abyss. We have to do something or all is lost. It is lost. We will all run away to America and Canada and England and Australia and the Gulf. But what will remain if Pakistan will become what it is going to become. What will happen if all is lost.

No. It has to end. The immigration has to stop. This running away from the problem has to end. The proletariat is too weak to speak out alone. The bourgeoisie have to stay. Keep them here. Let them be hungry. When bread runs out they will eat cake. When cake runs out men carrying bamboos will scream “Sab Taaj Uchalay Jaain Gay! Sab Takht Giraaey Jaain Gay!” and women carrying sticks will scream “Hum Ahl e Safa Mardood e Haram! Masnad Pay Bithaay Jaain Gay!”. And we will be free at last. We will see what freedom and liberty and prosperity mean. We will know what it means to have a state that is for you rather than for a small class of Pakistanis.

Let there be The storming of the Bastille, Let there be the Karachi Commune, Let there be the Red Dawn, Let there be, anything, Oh Allah! But Please Please Let there be Freedom, Let there be Light, Let there be Liberty, Let there be Prosperity. Let there be a governement whose primary objective is the well being of all Pakistanis and Pakistanis in general.

Well so I am and I will be emotionally out of control until I have a long sleep. Until then. It is Pakistan day for me.


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