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10 Ziqaad 1424 I had a wonderful day today. May…

10 Ziqaad 1424

I had a wonderful day today. Maybe because of the weekend tomorrow. Who knows? And reminiscent of the old days when I sometimes spent the night at my cousins I am here tonight as well. Having fun and listening to some of the juciest gossip that there ever can be. Including a guy who tried to get his hair coloured blonde but his hair are now in a complete mess and not blond at all. Well lets just say that he does meet humans any more. At least till his new hair grow. And he has a horrible new cap.

We had a dinner tonight where a large group of people gathered. Too large if you ask me. And by the end when people kept coming and coming the circle that we made around the table grew so large that we could not see the person across of you. So like any normal gathering of too many people we sat with the people we knew and talked a lot. While at the same time not trying to miss what the people at the other end of the table were laughing at. But horribly failing at that. So it was like every gathering of too many people on the same table who dont all know each other. Awful. But the food was good and I got to meet my friends again.

It was nice being there meeting all those people again. All of the old friends from college. With each and every little detail that makes all of them unique. With their was of talking to how they move their hands to how they laughed. To how some people lied. No maliciously but just to impress others. And then how they nervously looked at me. I have a horrible habit of correcting people if they lie in front of me and I catch them. Which I did last night as well. Resulting in a long series of arguments. Which I should add I promptly won. Hmmmm I dont think the word ‘won’ here reflects very well on me. But whatever. I am so happy I might just not care at all.

No interesting searches for the day. I apologize on behalf of humanity’s folly.

Yesterday I noticed the traffic at the Lalukhet Das Number Chowrangi. The old Al-Azam Square. It was horrible. Really horrible. And I realized at that moment how important road manners are. They are as important as Table manners or Drawing Room manners. You cannot act like barbarians on the roads. You have to follow the rules and regulations that are there for everyone’s safety. Signal when you change your lane. Use the correct lane according to your speed. Being able to afford a car and then get a drivers licence does not give you the right to drive it. What gives you the right to drive your car is the understanding that you are a responsible human being who will follow the rules and regulations of driving.

Good Heavens! This is an awfully boring post. How you people get around reading my blog. I have no idea. So for now. Khuda Hafiz.