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11 Ziqaad 1424 Today was a wonderful day. Wonde…

11 Ziqaad 1424

Today was a wonderful day. Wonderful. And I am not just saying this to keep you all reading this post. It is true. Seems that the universe has suddenly started to desist from its infinite loathing of me and give me a small chance. I have been chatting with this guy for a long time. And today I met him. Just as friends of course. I helped him start his own blog. And he helped me by being very casual and normal and helping me calm the hell down. The meeting ended in us sitting down on some stairs in a market. Looking at the traffic going by and talking about gay life in Karachi. And I have to say that to my abject horror we have a large number of common acquaintances in Karachi’s gay circle. Actually it is unnerving enough to bring a compltely new meaning to the term ‘It’s a small world’.

Oh and thank god, it turns out that, I am not a complete buffon. I learnt how to change the ring tone of my cell phone to Malkauns. And it is working.

Today I went to the old tea spot with my cousin and friends. It was wonderful. The disgusting sweaty aroma from the bearers. The dead flies littering the saucer. The wild cats and dogs frolicking in the winter sunlight. A very different and unique experience.

And there is some good news. A friend has offered to host my blog. Which would mean that now I have hosting. Which means that now I can afford to have Movable Type. I would like to say thanks to Stairs and Adam for helping me out and telling me about that. But the new site can not be up until I have it ready and set to go. So I will take help from any of you stupid enough to turn up on my computer screen.

There was a VERY strange search today.

stomach specialist doctor in karachi —> As god is my witness! I have no idea how this could have led to my blog.

And the crescendo of my posts. The rant. Well it is about how people behave in tea houses. When you go with your friends to sit there. You do not take any chairs without asking the people sitting there if it is taken. Wrongly so it was done by one of our friends. And sadly I couldnt tell him it is wrong and please put it back. The man on the other table came back and had to get a chair. And he knew all along that his chair was on our table. I feel horrible. And I have promised myself I will never something like this happen again.