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12 Ziqaad 1424 Today was an interesting day. As…

12 Ziqaad 1424

Today was an interesting day. As I always say, interesting is not a positive thing to say about either food or days.

Today I went to a big big family dinner. After the usual pleasantries where everyone meets everyone we all sat down again. I realized to my horror that I was not sitting with any of the normal people. To more horror and self loathing I realized that I was sitting with two people who I didnt know (One of them smelled like cucumbers). Which means that it was going to be much more horrible than I thought. Those two people promptly made all my fears come true. And the only thing that made me not commit suicide was the dinner.

At the dinner. I got some with my cousins 5 month old daughter. And my cousin gave the kid to me and told me to hold her. I did. I loved it. The child was a blessing by Allah. Then I was told to give her milk. Which I did. I can not you guys how excited I was when I did that. It was a wonderful experience. She was sucking on the nipple and she was holding my finger very tightly (No! I am not a sissy. Children do hold fingers tightly). I felt so good. Then I held her again. And she vomited all over me. Yes ladies and gentlemen you are right. I can not have it all. And I hate it. I loved the kid. She had a luminescence in her skin and the smell of baby power. In short. WOW!

Today a very interesting search came in the shape of

Karachi Mom —> Ohk … This must be about my mom. And I am sure they got the right one.

Today’s rant or rather the lack of it. Coming back from the dinner I had my baby cousin in my lap. She lives in the USA so I was trying to show her all the good things in Pakistan. And I realized that I may rant and rave. I may feel sick and disgusted. I may feel bitter and angry. But at the end of the day. I love this place and its people. With all their postive and negatives. I love Pakistan and Pakistanis. I cannot help it. It is a human predicament. And just for this love I am in such trouble. But I accept it. Come what may. I will love you. Always.

Ahhhhh. The futile love of a man for a dying civilization.