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13 Ziqaad 1424 I told you all about the webspac…

13 Ziqaad 1424

I told you all about the webspace and the hosting and how excited I was about it. It turns out I am too stupid to run Movable Type. (No, no, really, I failed) Despite the help of three people. And each of them helped a lot. Now I will just go to the nearest overhead bridge and jump. And fall on some poor man’s old old car. And cause him a lot of damage which will cause him to go under and his family to come onto the street. So I will die, and be hated by one family for ever. So Jalal (YES! I am talking to myself again) why dont you just make sure you dont fall on a car. BREAK! BREAK!

Ohk. This talking to myself started as a thing on the blog only. It was just the kind of joke that I make up. As usual making fun of myself so everyone can laugh and be merry. But now I am actually talking to myself at times. If I keep that up I might sprout another personality. Which I dont have to tell you would be too horrible a thing to even contemplate (horrible). So from now on I will talk to myself only on rare occasions. Loosely translated the last sentence means there will be no change.

Today I decided to do something sudden and without much fore thought. To remind me of college. And to prove to myself that I am still interesting. I couldn’t think of anything (No, I am not boring). So I decided to watch a random movie. It is a very adventurous thing to do. The movie could turn out to be of the kind where you might desire to eat your arm for want of interesting things to do. And after two hours you are in a bad mood and ready to kill, maim and mangle people who might accidentally say something postive about the movie.

Despite my luck I ended up selecting ‘The Last Samurai’. I wasn’t prepared for an excellent movie. But I saw one all the same. I dont know if I felt it so much because of certain similarities of circumstances and thoughts. But I do know that there were a couple of occasions in the movie when I wanted to be over there. And there were a few occasions when I wanted to bow and kneel. It was a wonderful movie. I would recommend it. Specially for Asians as they can relate to some of the things in it at many levels.

And some interesting searches for the day

search for love in karachi — From Google Netherlands — I have had this search once every few days for quite some time now. DUDE!!! Link to me. Or add me to your favourites.

karachi sluts — Finally! Google is showing sings of intelligence and sending the correct results for the right searches.

There is no rant today. Except that I hate people who rant. That means you Jalal. Hey dont talk to me that way I rant because I have to. No you don’t. Yes I do. No you don’t. (Pssssst. This is the third one. Let these two argue. Ill get you out of here. Khuda Hafiz(Bye)).