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15 Ziqaad 1424 I have realized that I am horrib…

15 Ziqaad 1424

I have realized that I am horrible on msn and other forms of online chatting. That would explain why people who seem to be interested in talking to me run away as soon as I start talking. I think it is maybe because of all those – Oh so many jokes (At times even I think I am making too many jokes). Or all those statements that make people uncomfortable but are actually jokes. Or because I keep telling people when I tell a joke that it is a joke. I dont know which it is. But I have noticed it too many times to remain quiet (Yeah right). I think I will tell people from the onset that I am unstable and cannot control what I do. Although that might lead me to horrid relationships, but at least I will not remain alone for ever.

Today I went to visit yet another relative here on vacations from the US. A birthday party was in progress. Now there is good news and there is bad news. The bad news first. I accidentally said that the birthdayboyman did not look a day over 40. He turned out to be 36. The good news is that I had some of that awesome Black Forest Cake.

I went to visit an old old relative. And I found the most awesome thing there. Our family tree. Going back twelve generations. So I prompty copied it. Then when I was about to leave he told me it was a friends family tree and not ours (Time to kill myself by an overdose of chocolate syrup). Not what I wanted to hear after copying the names of about one crore hundred people. But then the old relative felt sorry and I was giften and old wooden pen. I am loving this day.


something interesting about karachi city —> Thank god my weblog is interesting as opposed to my online conversations.

Todays rant (No jokes about this being the high point of the day. I promise.) which is the high point of the day would be about book reading. Or rather the lack of it. Well Pakistanis hardly ever seem to be people who might accidentally read a book (God forbid of course). Well that reflect in the way people talk and ramble on about things that have no meaning or important. Well my message today – READ READ READ (Yes I can use caps because here it is not for emphasis. It is to show that I am screaming).