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16 Ziqaad 1424 Another wonderful January day. W…

16 Ziqaad 1424

Another wonderful January day. When the cold wind stops blowing. When new seedlings grow in the pots that you seeded. Unfortunatly none of this happened to me (with the amount of whining that I conduct on this blog I am sure you were expecting this). The wind is still blowing. The seeds have still not sprouted into seedlings. And I am still single (like that can change over night).

I had a couple of outings today. I went to the ‘Aqeeqa‘ of my cousins daughter today. Lots of people. Lots of men. Lots of ravishing men. And some excellent food that we had there. Then I went to the ‘Valima‘ of a friend. More people. More men. No ravishing men or for that matter men who have the capability of having an adult conversation (no, no, seriously). And to end it all we were forced to gorge ourselves on appalling food. I only wished I had gone to the Aqiqa after the Valima.

Today I finally managed to push my new found web hosting provider to the brink of tears. Then I decided I should stop making his life miserable. He is such a darling – giving me hosting for free. And then me acting like a bitch and making his life miserable.

Searches for the day.

Proper Adjectives for Pakistan —> This has got to be by far the most interesting search leading to my blog yet.

Rant for the day. When you are at a dinner. And when you are all asked to start eating. Please do not try to push people out of your way and get to the food first. I am sure the food will neither run away from you nor will it end before you get there. Try to be patient and behave yourself. Please.