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20 Ziqaad 1424 First of all. My apologies for n…

20 Ziqaad 1424

First of all. My apologies for not posting regularly. I was busy, and my blogging time was taken up by working on the new template. Which should actually have taken me about one hour, if, I had the brains equal to that of a normal 7 year old child. But I dont, so it took me longer.

Well nothing of interest happened during this time. Except that I was offered sex twice by this very hot guy. And I refused both of the times (No! I am not a lying whore). I do not know whether I should shoot myself, or, go for the slow and painful limb amputation. You help me decide. I have no idea why I said no. I still have no idea. Maybe I am meant to be alone.

In other news I got to hold my cousin’s four month old daughter in my hands again. This time I had to hold her bottle of milk. And clean all the milk that she kept rejecting (Eeuckh). I love babies. They are just these wonderful creatures (creatures?). Jalal you should think before writing – creatures. BAH! Oh shut up and let me write.

Oh and I have finally realized who the other Jalal is. It is my conscience. YES! I know he is still alive. I always thought he died in college. But I think he didn’t after all.

And I have started another blog. This one is in Urdu. It will be one of the two blogs in urdu. I am very excited to make it. It will basically contain the same material as this blog. So give it a visit to see what Urdu looks like. Urdu blog.