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21 Ziqaad 1424 So things are going along as slo…

21 Ziqaad 1424

So things are going along as slowly as they do in the life of any normal human. Nothing of note happened today. Except that I looked at my CV and recoiled in abject horror. I can not show it to anyone without feeling ashamed (It is really that bad). So I worked on my CV and made it fit for human perusal.

In other news a family member had her birthday today. I went into her room to greet her at midnight. And she asked me what was wrong with me and went right back to sleep. Later on she told me that since it was her birthday I am the one who is wrong. And I thought I was the only horrible person in the family.

Today I was reading Faiz Sahab’s poetry. He has the most amazing ideas. The most strong grip on the language. It has all the ingredients of a good art form. It is pleasing to look at. The language and its use is excellent. The traditional concepts of rhythm and metre are followed. There is a host of ideas and thoughts and philosophies hidden in the words and structures. It is truly what art should be.

My blog received two very interesting searches today.

moms who spank their children with a rod —> I might rant about my mother but she never beat me up.

kurta palace —> They were good before but now their Kurtas are just crap.

Todays rant like so many others would be about road sense. When you are driving. Please keep to your lane. It is easier. It is more disciplined and it is safer. Because if we all do this the speed of traffic will increase for all of us. We will all bear the fruit of our discipline. Like it meant to be borne.

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