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23 Ziqaad 1424 Today I saw something that I nev…

23 Ziqaad 1424

Today I saw something that I never thought I would ever see. I saw a rat walk atleast twenty meters on a thin electric wire. Yes. An electric wire. Then it grabbed a blade of a Coconut’s leaf. Yes a blade of the leaf. And it climbed up that leaf. And then it just slid down the stem of the leaf. During this process, that took the rat less than 20 seconds my jaw dropped onto my feet. I would have never expected a rat to be able to do this. I feel as if I am not able to represent the scene well enough but I have to say that it was a shocking scene.

Lately most of my conversations on MIRC seem to be coming very close the dictionary description of the conversation from hell. I wonder if it is me or if it is everyone else that I encounter.

And completely unrelated to the nuggets of information given above. Yesterday night I got to chat with a very close college friend of mine. F.R. We turned on voice and video. I was happily suprised to see that he has not changed at all. It reminded me of all the times that we spent together in college. We watching movies and Star Trek. I had some wonderful time with you man. Oh and yes he knows about this blog.

Some of todays illustrious serches would include

hints for positive language with small children —> What, Oh dear Lord, does this have to do with my blog?

msn gay pics —> Talk about looking in the wrong places for spicy pictures

A reminder that my urdu blog is here. Oh and yes. I am starting to teach urdu there as well.