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24 Ziqaad 1424 Ahhhhh. The middle of January, a…

24 Ziqaad 1424

Ahhhhh. The middle of January, and it seems that summers have returned to Karachi. What? You dont believe me ? Oh! Well, you don’t trust me? You want proof? Well, here is the proof – I do not have skin any more. It was all eaten away by millennia of mosquito bites last night.

I went to meet my Phuppo today (Father’s sister). Told her she looked weak. She was very very happy at that. I was the apple of her eye. Then I told her that she looked weak, not thin. She gave a look to melt the hearts of Mephistopheles. Well the rest of the evening was uneventful.

In other news. Like all other normal loosers I am sitting at home on a weekend. Doing nothing at all. Nothing. I hope that soon I will get a life.

Someone today searched for “interior home decorate in islamabad pakistan”. I would love Yahoo to explain to me about what is search has to do with my blog. Honestly. Confused beyond all resonable limits.

And a regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have also started to teach Urdu. But very slowly.