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25 Ziqad 1424 One good thing about violent comp…

25 Ziqad 1424

One good thing about violent computer games is that they have the capacity to fulfill all of your cravings for violence. From the slightly tilted picture to the bus driver who screams at his female passengers. Everything that burns your blood and your heart. Minor irritants and major personality clashes. You can take care of it in a game of Counter Strike by killing, murdering, blowing up and maiming other participants. Over and over again. Ad Infinitum. And when you are really angry you can shoot at their dead bodies for quite some time. Make me feel fresh and completely mild and anti violence (in real life that is) every time I play.

Today I was asked a question. Whether I was educated. Frankly. I did not have an answer. To start off with, I dont know what the question means. Does it mean that I have a college degree? Does it mean that I have a degree from a college that people will accept as being a college? Does it mean that I can speak and write perfect English? Does it mean that I have had excellent home schooling and am ready for the world? What does it mean? What does it mean to be an educated Pakistani? I have no idea what it means. I would appreciate any help if it came my way.

What aren’t there any interesting searches today? What has happened to your imaginations?

And a regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have also started to teach Urdu. But very slowly.