27 Ziqaad 1424 I was in a bad mood yesterday. T…

27 Ziqaad 1424

I was in a bad mood yesterday. Today, I woke up and looked out the window. I am in a good mood now.

The weather was wonderful. I mean wonderful. In all the descriptions of Paradise we should have today’s weather. It was cloudy, rather overcast. It was drizzling lightly on and off all day. There was a mild cold breeze. The sun was breaking through the clouds far away. I can not imagine better weather. And to top it all off I decided to finally use the hammock in the lawn. The chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves was enough to give multiple orgasms to any that were in the situation. I think I had seven. While I was lying in the hammock and enjoying those multiple orgasms a Farsi Shaer (Persian Couplet) ran through my mind.

gar firdows ba roo ay zameen ast

hameen ast o hameed ast o hameen ast

If there is heaven on earth

It is here, It is here, It is here

When I came in and sat down for breakfast the lace curtains were billowing in the wind. I mean this Allah’s gift to me. I saw it all. Everything that I attribute to wonderful weather was there. Nothing was left. Nothing. Wonderful Wonderful Day today.

Have a wonderful day you all.


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